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Proof of Work (PoW) is the most utilized system of all. Since 2009 it has officially demonstrated its strength and security. In Proof of Work mechanism, computers in the network / miners work to solve a cryptographic puzzle repetitively consisting of the mathematical function /hash.
It’s quite simple, click register and follow the prompts, contact support if you get confused.
As soon as your transaction has been fully confirmed by block chain.
No, after 30 banking days you can withdraw all your accruals if you wish to.
Withdrawals are processed 72 hours maximum after your request.
After registration, you will have access to your own back office that will give you all your account data from how much you invested, your start and finish date.
Yes after your 30 days are up, you have the choice to either withdraw or re-invest. Note you can also do a partial withdrawal and a partial re-investment.
This is absolutely forbidden. At some point, we might ask for legal identification and anyone with multiple account have their deposits frozen. We also check device IP address.
POS miners came together to ensure that no one losses their money in Ponzi schemes online. The directors of this company have a good experience and this is the one thing that they ensure won’t happen in POS.

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